shoe repair



• Heels (rubber, leather, combination

• Buildups

• Full and Half Soles (rubber, leather)

• Tips (rubber, leather, metal

• Protective Soles (rubber, leather)

• Insoles; heel backs

• Cleaning; Reconditoning

• Waterproofing

• Stretching

• Zippers & Strap Replacements




• Replace Zippers & Sliders

• Reattaching, Shortening & Replacing Straps/Belts

• Add Holes to Belts

• Repair Rips

• Elastic Replacement

• Velcro

• Shoestrings

• Mink Oil, Neats Foot Oil, Snow Seal

• Boot Guard by KG

• Kevlar Boot Laces by KG

• Polishes (Moneys Worth)

• Arches (Spenco)

• Boot Dryers





Contino's has been a family run business since 1926.  For three generations we have been providing the highest levels of service and quality with many happy customers to prove it!
We perform a wide range of shoe repair services such as replacing heels and soles, stretching, shoe shines, tips and taps and many more. We also repair handbags, purses, belts, jackets and much more.





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